保齡球之夜: Bowling Hangout Night

時間又到了開學的季節啦! 請加入我們一起歡迎各校的學生會幹部及同學們,大家周末來狂歡! 地點在芝加哥知名的玉米大樓首層10PIN保齡球館。除了可以盡興兩個小時的無上限循環保齡球打到手軟,以及享用美式派對Buffet吃到飽,還可以連結各方青年才俊,建立人脈! 由於場地位於熱門繁華地帶,所以訂位人數有限, 請盡早報名,先搶先贏~ 時間: 2022-09-17 (Saturday) 7pm-9pm​Date/Time: 2022-09-17 (Saturday) 7pm-9pm地點: 10PIN Bowling Lounge, 330 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654停車:提供Discounted rate $18 valet parking 費用(含球道及餐點): $45青商會員價 | $55非青商會員價 | (請透過 Zelle 繳費以助名額確認) 隨活動加入會員立即享有會員價及會費折扣: $45 (會員價)+ $35 (會費原價 $40) = $80 RSVP名額有限,請儘速報名* 報名截止日期: 2022-09-14, 11:59pm (CDT)​*Deadline to sign-up: 2022-09-14, 11:59pm (CDT) 填完此表後,請QuickPay/Zelle至芝加哥青商會[email protected],以助名額確認。收到費用後,我們將會寄報名成功郵件給各位。 ———————————————————— School […]
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時間:8/21/2022,11:30 AM – 03:00 PM CST地點:Ty Warner Park, 700 Blackhawk Dr. Westmont, IL 60559費用:非會員價$25,若成為青商會員為$50($20優惠烤肉+$30優惠會員費) 隨著美國疫情緩和,我們即將恢復實體活動啦!今年新團隊帶來了第一場活動。 由芝加哥台美商會主辦攜手芝加哥青商會協辦睽違三年的大型燒烤野餐派對。現場將提供烤乳豬、牛排、烤羊、雞腿及各式餐點,非酒精飲料、啤酒、紅酒無限暢飮 *未成年請勿飲酒 名額有限,請儘速報名*報名截止日 8/18 11:59 PM CST 填完此表後,請QuickPay/Zelle至芝加哥青商會 [email protected],收到費用後,我們將會寄報名成功郵件給各位。欲付現金者,請當天攜帶剛好金額,以方便當天收款流程。
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Afternoon Tea Casual Networking

芝加哥青商會將於6/12將舉行今年第一個實體活動 時間: 6/12 2-4pm CST 地點: SweetWater Coffee & Tea 1457 N Halsted street, B105 Chicago, IL (next to Mariano’s) 活動: Afternoon Tea Casual Networking event 此活動爲疫情後的第一個實體活動,我們這次找來一些公司像是Google, Motorola或是Finance, Engineering有專業背景的Young Professionals來和留學生們喝咖啡聊聊天 這次的活動是Casul Networking,穿著以舒服為主,我們會有主題提供各位和這些專業人士們互動~來參加的前20名者會有一杯免費飲品可喝,另外活動後也會抽出2名幸運兒$10 Amazon (e)gift card!!
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TJCCC Tax Panel

Individual & Corporate Tax Panel

Tax Day is on April 18. Let’s Get Ready for it! Have questions on individual or corporate tax this year? This year, we are glad to invite Sandy Chang back to our live broadcast to answer your questions. Sandy serves as a Tax Manager of RSM US LLP. She has been with RSM US LLP […]
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TJCCC Visa Panel


Has questions on H1B visa process this year? Not sure how immigration visa works? It’s that time of the year! This year, we are glad to invite back our Chicago-based lawyer – John C. Wang to answer your questions on OPT, H1B, Green Card or security litigation. John C. Wang serves as the president of […]
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The One Program 2022

Still feeling overwhelmed about the future or finding a job? If the answer is YES, don’t hesitate to apply for our first ever cross state/continent mentoring program – The One Program – be the ONE you want to be!! The One Program invites 15+ selective professionals from different working backgrounds who represent top elites in their […]
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The White Elephant Christmas Party

Christmas is just around the corner! Come celebrate the holiday with TJCCC on Fri, Dec 17, 2021. We are hosting a White Elephant gift exchange party at Springhill Suites by Marriott Chicago Chinatown! Refreshments and raffles are included. Signup on Google Survey now and bring 2 WRAPPED gifts with you to the party: one AWESOME […]
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Congratulations to our TJCCC Team!

Congratulations to the newly elected 12th World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (WTCC JC) 世界台灣商會聯合總會青商會 team! We’re proud to announce that four of the core members are from TJCCC-Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Chicago!  世界台灣商會聯合總會青商會第12屆會長 黃聖家 Wtccjc 12th President – Sophia Huang12th WTCCJC President – Sophia Huang 世界台灣商會聯合總會青商會第12屆秘書長 – 曾瑞瑜12th WTCCJC Secretary General – Lisa Tseng […]
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