Month: December 2022

TJCCC/TJCCNA Business Seminar

If you are planning to open a restaurant/cafe and wondering what should be considered, then you shouldn’t miss this seminar with our speech guests from Quiaolin hot pot, Taipei Cafe and Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, Annabelle Chen, Ellen Chuo, Peggy Hsia on 12/29/2022. Please click the link below to join…
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White Elephant Xmas Party

聖誕節又要到啦!TJCCC(芝加哥台美商會青商部) 將在聖誕節之前邀請大家前來一起加入我們每年的White Elephant交換禮物趴踢,讓你在芝加哥的冬天不再孤單寂寞,並體會到天氣很冷但人心不冷的感覺。想參加的人只需要在Google表單報名繳費,並在當天帶兩件禮物,一件很讚 (價值$40以上) 以及一件自由發揮或你認為會讓人哭笑不得的禮物 (價值不限) ,場地空間有限,把握名額哦! Date/Time: 2022-12-09 (Friday) 7pm-9pmLocation: 565 W Quincy St, Chicago, IL 60661| Theater Room (進場請說Party Reserved at Theater Room) 費用(含小餐點): 會員免費! 非會員 $15 (請透過表單報名及Zelle 繳費以助名額確認)隨活動加入會員立即享有會員免費及會費折扣: $35 (會費原價 $40)報名表單: Free for TJCCC members | $15 non-TJCCC members | (Please pay via Zelle as well as…
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